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Mail-in Sharpening Service


How it Works
People from all over the country use our convenient mail-in service. Our turnaround time is QUICK; we sharpen and return within 1-2 business days of receipt. The whole process from the time you mail in your items through return delivery usually takes 7-10 business days. You can choose express mail or next day delivery for faster service. There is no minimum on the number of items per order.

1. Prepare your package.
To send in your order, first, gather the items you need sharpened. Simply individually wrap your knives, scissors and/or tools in several layers of newspaper or soft packing material. Be sure to tuck in the ends, so there are no exposed sharp edges. Tape around the package.

Next pack the newspaper-wrapped items in a box with lots of packing material, or a bubble mailer with cardboard in the sides of reinforcement.

2. Complete our order form or write us a note. Be sure to include your shipping address and telephone number with your order.

3. Decide how you will make payment. If you prefer to send in a check or money order with your order, see the calculations provided on our website and complete our mail order form. If you want to pay by credit card, just go ahead and send us your order; once received, we'll call you for your credit card number, or we can send you a PayPal invoice by email. It's that simple!

We charge actual return postage costs, usually $5 for most orders (1-5 items); $15 for 6-9 items. Insurance is at your option, and costs extra. You may use the carrier of your choice when you send your package to us. We will use USPS or UPS unless you specify otherwise. If you plan to use FedEx, please contact us before shipping. With return shipping, we can bill to your UPS or FedEx account when you provide us with your account number.

To use the USPS website to calculate your shipping cost, click here (ship to 94955)

For questions or help with shipping calculations, call (510) 525-6700 or (866) 505-4603.

4. Double-check your package for items well-wrapped, order form or documentation, and payment. Seal your package tightly. Tape all edges closed. Attach mailing label.

There should not be any rattling when you shake the box/mailer. A box is preferred over envelopes, which can tear easily.

Send your package to:
BOX 5081
PETALUMA, CA 94955-5081

We highly recommend you purchase shipping insurance to help protect your investment. We recommend a shipping method that gives you a tracking number for your records. We find using the USPS Priority Mail to be reliable, but want to give you the insurance option. The prices for flat rate boxes are reasonable. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages. Please make sure you pack your blades well; we want you to be a satisfied customer!

5. After you ship your package, please contact us by phone, email or our contact form to let us know your order is on its way. Also, if you prefer to give your credit card payment information to a live person over the phone, feel free to inform of in the same phone call.

Once received, we will contact you and immediately sharpen and ship back to you.


We look forward to receiving your order.
Please contact us with any questions.

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